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Abule by Patoranking is a jam that people of different Calibre groove to, as someone's abule can be another person city, like from the ghetto to the mainland into the island, the visuals focuses on how the street or ghetto turnup can be. The location is that of a ghetto where kids still bath outside and drink water directly from a scare source of clean water.
The ghetto turn up is always like a carnival, not in-house or a club or isolated settings, everybody on the street with different groove and activities and sometimes there will be a gunshots,when gangs are settling some scores. One inevitable aspect of this turnup is the unique and energetic dance steps you get to see, and you can also see how electric wires are connected to generate light and sound, and you will see that there can easily be disconnection when someone just mistakenly kick or hit any of the connecting point. You will rarely find the usual elite, expensive drinks in this party but whatever they drink is always in surplus. Beautiful costumes and the color grading is a good one. The video was produced by priorgold pictures and directed by DK.
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Patoranking Abule

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