Bodeblaq – Journey || Download Video

Bodeblaq in his song "Journey" talks about the entertainment industry and all the difficulties they face, obviously there is no journey or profession that comes easy, every sector has it's own challenges and problem that face them. In this song Bodeblaq is praying to God Almighty to see him through the journey of being famous, Fame has it's own cons but in this JOURNEY we pray that God will not shame us.

In this journey, the expectation of fans are so high and they expect you to shine everytime ( you see why they need God?) So many distractions in this journey, distractions that can lead one astray, so many without directions are ready to sway you off & make you fall off the track. Despite the bad road in this country they still have to risk their lives to travel for shows, OAPs are also on the standby to get ridiculously tipped before their songs can be played, SARs will be waiting to question who they are, not with a good motive but to exploit them of their possession, despite all of these, bloggers are ever ready to feed on their mistakes and use them negatively to draw traffic to their blog. On this journey of being famous, God is delinitely needed. Stream, Download and Share.