S2casted Ft. MFT – John Oja || Download Video

Quite a number of proverbial adage has taught us that you don't ditch out what you can't take, whatever you sow, you reap and the quatity in which you use in measuring to others will be used when yours will be measured, so it is in the song John Oja to fe ma je Oja, you can't eat your cake and have it, eni to ba je oja loja ma je according to S2casted in his new debut John Oja ft MFT. 

Remember when you hang out with some people and they are always forward, when things are ordered they are the first to pick of it, even when they contribute nothing to it, some even meet their waterloof as they take things that doesn't go down well with them, who is to blame though, when they behave like John Oja and eni to ba je oja loja maje ( he who buy market, market will buy), learn not to cross your boundary and know when to draw the line, so you do not get embarassed, learn to be composed when out there, maybe we should talk about those that gets drunk and keep falling off while walking, you weren't forced to take all of these and so you should take rensponsibility and be responsible about it. Enough said. Stream, Download & Share John Oja Music Video directed by Dir. Sinagpore.