Don Coleone – Truth || Watch Video

Truth they say is bitter, Don Coleone has unveiled some bitter pill in his new song titled TRUTH, where he affirms that though no one likes to hear the truth his song is about some truth. Maybe the wise will accept it, or how do you describe the enslavement from the white man through religion though they said that we have been granted independence, politicians looting our money and giving in return bad government, fake men of God using religion to exploit us of the little we have left, if these are not the truth about what is happening then what is?

We are in a country where no one wants to be their brothers keeper, not entirely our fault but because everyone has a battle they are battling with and barely have time or resources to care for another, even the ones who spare some time and resources to care for another didn't get the good deed in return, what they get is the opposite of their kindness, they get hate and evil deeds, nobody is ready to speak the  truth so as not to be labelled a preacher. Men that are supposed to be of God has brainwashed their fellow men. 

TRUTH is definitely a song to listen to. Stream, Share & Download Song below.