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No Longer Beneficial is a song by the afro pop singer & one of nigerian female artiste, song writer & sound engineer, Simi, No Longer Beneficial is a love song of how some of us are not ready to settle down and ready to take things to the next level but yet our partner won't just understand despite stating things out clearly even before going into the relationship.

Oh well, maybe not their fault sometimes we find ourselves falling helplessly in love with people who has stated their agenda clearly right from the beginning of the relationship, on the other hand, maybe she shouldn't have given the green light and make their relationship/frienship so enjoyable that he would want more. 

Now this relationship is no longer beneficial and we sure aren't having it anymore. Despite been told right from the onset of the relationship that, we just gonna have some fun and enjoy frienship together, why do you want to mar the friendship that has taken us this time to build, you said you want forever with me and probably be my lover till eternity but i'm sure arent ready for all of that. 

This song produced by Sess definitely speaks the reality of alot of relationships and most can relate to it.

Enjoy the Song below:

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