Mike Aremu - Not A Man | WATCH VIDEO

Mike Aremu, one of the frontrunners of world-class saxophone players and a distinguished Musician create an Animated Lyrics video for the song, Not A Man, from King Mike Aremu's Sound Of the Spirit (SOS) album.

God is not a man that he would lie, he is not a man that he would look down on you, he is a God that knows the end from the beginning, when men thought it was over, then the Lord make a sense from the nonsense, No wonder he iis NOT A MAN.

Not A man, one of my favourite songs of my album Sound Of the Spirit SOS, pays homage to who God is. The song was written from a place of remembrance and contemplation of the many times people and even myself had written off situations. However, I’ve come to realise that God’s thoughts and words will always supersede what ever any man may think or say. Because he is not a man.. Mike Aremu